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Hey, look around! What can you hear? I bet wherever you are, you'll somehow be surrounded by music. Why do I think so?

Well, music's always with us, everywhere and everyday. It's a long-known fact that music has a vital role in our lives and it's quite difficult to deny it. Music helps us to forget a tough day or remember a happy moment. Music has its place at all our parties and holidays. Even scientists have proven that listening to music is very useful for a person of any age.

Describing the benefits of listening to music can take a very long time, but isn't it interesting to know about the advantages of starting guitar lessons? I'm talking about playing musical instruments.

Unfortunately, most people neglect such skill or just don't know about the opportunities you get while playing the piano, guitar or other instruments.

So, in this article, you'll know about three reasons why you should start taking piano or guitar lessons Toronto if you haven't yet.


Guitar and other plucked instruments have a beneficial effect on the development of speech, diction and treat speech disorders. Considering this connection from the physiology side, it turns out that there are receptors associated with the parts of the brain, which are responsible for speech functions, on the fingertips. Guitar lessons allow restoring speech disorders after severe injuries and even strokes. This is what music lessons give besides pleasure!

According to Swiss doctors, piano lessons have a restorative effect, prolongs life and helps with depression. The Swiss recommend practising the piano not only for young talents but also for people of mature age - this helps to maintain a confident gait and coordination of movements.


Music contributes to the harmonious development of personality and more efficient brain func-tion. Playing a musical instrument - whether it is a classical guitar or piano, develops auditory and motor abilities which are necessary for intellectual activity of a person. That's why the cre-ative approach and the development of musical abilities of children of school and preschool age are important in the formation of the educational process focused on personality development.


Scientists have proven that piano lessons Toronto develop unique brain abilities in the process of mastering the piano. The sense of rhythm and the ability to perceive musical literacy greatly affects the development of the children's brain. Ability to play a musical instrument helps in learning a foreign language and memorizing new words. This conclusion was made by American scien-tists at Northwestern University in Evanston.

In addition to all of the above playing musical instruments is attractive and beautiful.

Hope these reasons will persuade you that piano and guitar lessons Toronto worth paying your attention.

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