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Ivy Shantelle HoverDuring my fifth year in business, there is still a singular goal at Poizen Ideas... Great design.

When you hire Poizen Ideas to conceive and produce a project for you, you procure a smart, creative, enthusiastic and dedicated designer. I am an artist who just happens to have a passion for computers. My name is Ivy Shantelle Hover (aka Poizen Ivy) and I have a 13 year background in graphic and logo design and eight years of web site design experience and of course knowledge of XML and HTML Meta management, not to mention my strong background in both Internet and print advertising and promotions. I have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging in scope from Las Vegas area musicians and independent record labels to a national technology corporation and an apparel manufacturer.

Poizen Ideas has captured the media's attention via Sopranoland.com, a top-ranked Sopranos fan site, and I keep my finger on the pulse of the Las Vegas underground music scene with SinCitySounds.com. Additionally, I'm a freelance writer and photographer and my entertainment articles and photos have been published in Las Vegas Weekly, Las Vegas CityLife and Smash Magazine. I have had the opportunity to photograph musicians such as The Strokes, and X's John Doe, among other local and touring artists. Moreover, I have suddenly run into Brian - my old buddy from Toronto PHP Programmer (a toronto web design company) - we have worked for 7 years together when I decided that I needed something better. I was really pleased to see him again.

I have the skills of a computer "geek" but not the lifestyle. I was a key player in the start up of Geekazoid and Friends, a Las Vegas computer networking company dealing with zigbee technology, later moving to Montreal and developing an innovative flash builder called Cubender, and have been self-employed since January 2000. Also I tried to find the work in iphone development companies but it was not successful. I will take you from the germination of a concept through to the final product. You will receive one-on-one attention. Whether you're looking to create a corporate identity or are interested in giving your existing web site a complete make over, Poizen Ideas will help you achieve your goals. And the price is right, especially when you consider the quality of the finished site.

In case you need to organize the online presence of your company at a decent level contact Poizenideas, we are the team you have been looking for. We have an impressive experience in website design development, but we never stop improving our knowledge and skills. Cooperating with the leading companies in the field of website design development such as Designsters and learning from their experience, we always try to offer our clients the most fresh and unique ideas for their online resources.

These Toronto SEO guidelines help better understand what search engine optimization is all about. We speak up only proven record SEO methods to robust your brand online.

I'll gladly provide you with a free estimate of your project. If you're hooked, please browse my on-line portfolio or tell me about your project by filling out my contact form.

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