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Choose Pikolinos Shoes for the Color of the Dress: Stylish Tips

Every woman must have a dozens of fancy dresses in her wardrobe. But, no matter how elegant the dress is, the image should be completed with a pair of shoes. If Pikolinos shoes are matched correctly, then you will have a chic look.

How to choose Pikolinos shoes to a dress: dark colors.

If you put on not matching shoes, you can spoil everything. There are rules that should be observed when choosing shoes for a dress. First of all, take a critical look of yourself in the mirror and decide what image you would like to have. Remember that every style involves special footwear. Therefore, approach to the choice of Pikolinos shoes carefully.

Shoes must match the style and complement the dress. If you have a dress made in a classical style, choose shoes with low heels, or without heels. To a denim or knit dress, you can put on ballet shoes or moccasins. And sandals will look good with a light dress or sundress. In any case, an important criterion is convenient shoes.

We spend most of our time at work, in the office. Office dress code is conservative and does not accept any patterns, flowers, massive buckles. Choose Pikolinos shoes with the no more than 5 cm heel high. Pikolinos shoes for business women should be comfortable. They shouldn’t bother your ankles and soles in the middle of the day. The best option for a business dress code is black or brown Pikolinos shoes. In the summer, you will look good in a beige dress. Shoes should also be in the tone of the dress.

If you are an active woman, you need to keep the femininity and dynamism and choose Pikolinos shoes on a low heel, made of textiles. But, you can wear sandals too. The leg should not get tired, because you have to run a lot, do household chores and shopping. The moccasins made of genuine leather, fit to a jeans fabric sundress, to a pencil dress or a dress-shirt.

If you need to pick up shoes for an evening gown, the choice can be more democratic. Most often, such Pikolinos shoes have a thin sole and a high elegant heel. Here there is an absolute rule: the more original and luxurious the design of shoes, the easier the dress should be. But, it should be sewn from the expensive fabric. The shoes should be elegant.

Pikolinos shoes of black color will match any outfit. If you have a dress of black color, the shoes must be chosen based on the accessories. For example, you can wear white shoes, a jacket and a belt of milk or cocoa color. But, you can also wear red Pikolinos shoes with a red handbag and red corals in ornaments.

The blue color and all its shades is a universal color. But it is more problematic to choose the right shoes for this color. If you decide to wear clothes in blue color, you should wear Pikolinos shoes of white color. But, you can experiment and put on blue, red or turquoise shoes.

If you wear a red evening dress, do not rush to put on red Pikolinos shoes, no matter what shade they are. If you want to emphasize your appearance and pay attention to the dress, you’d better wear Pikolinos shoes in beige, or white color. You can also put on black Pikolinos shoes. Do not put on an evening dress with sandals, no matter how beautiful they are.

If in the evening you expect to wear a pink dress, then you have to choose beige, gently lilac or white Pikolinos shoes. If you have a light pink dress, then put on shoes of red or black color.

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